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Bait Alshibl (CSP) one of a leading Corporate Services Provider Based in Dubai, UAE. We are offering registration services in UAE. It is always good to secure your Brand and Logo. Brandscan attract people with positive feelings and built the trust of the customer on your product or
services. Trademark is a brand name, symbol or logo that used by the manufactures to identify their goods and services that are legally registered or established. It can be a name, word,signature, letter, figure, drawing, symbol, title, tax stamp, seal, image, inscription,advertisement, or any other combination that is intended to be used.

Ministry of Economic is responsible in Trademark registration in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Trademark is valid for all the seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al quwain, Ras Al khaima, Al Ain and Fujairah).

A trademark registration is valid for 10 years in the UAE further extension needs additional fees,and the registration can be renewed for the same period.

 Registered trademark will be under legal protection in UAE during 10 years since the date of official TM registration.

Is your Brand Protected ? Did you do Trademark registration Dubai, UAE? If no, register a
trademark of your brand and logo today !!
Our Services Includes ;
– Trademark Registration
– Copyright Registration
– Industrial Design Registration
– Patent Registration
– Global Trademark Registration
– Logo & Brand Registration
– Renewal of Trademark Registration
– Registration of Trademark in Customs
– Trademark Search
– Registration of Trade Names
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We have assisted a lot of clients across the world in protecting their brands.
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