Project Finance Sourcing

Sourcing Finance For Early-Stage Growth Of Your UAE Business

Sourcing finance in the early stages of growth is fundamental in taking a company to the next level. It helps business owners to avoid cash flow problems and barriers to expansion.

There are numerous finance options available in the UAE, including bonds, sukuks (Islamic bonds), loans, syndicated loans and murabaha (Islamic loans), but understanding the distinctions between them can be confusing, especially for entrepreneurs without in-depth knowledge of business funding. This, together with banks’ reluctance to lend to startups and SMEs following a rise in bad loans, makes obtaining finance one of the most challenging aspects of starting and growing a business in the UAE. Seeking support from a specialist in startup and SME funding is strongly advised before you take the plunge into the complex and varied world of business financing. With competition mounting among lenders, 2018 would appear a great time to shop around for good value finance deals. Some expert guidance from an experienced local adviser will help to make sure you secure the best deal for you and your business.
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